DAVIC MOB - Producer of office and shop furniture, joinery with thermally insulated panes, bedroom suites, bookcases, furniture for children's rooms, kitchen and bathroom units, school furniture, solid wood doors and window sashes, wooden window sashes with thermally insulated panes, wooden shelf units and small tables, chairs on metal framework provided with moulded elements from stacked wood

Upon request, we can carry out any orders according to customer's own design and sizes. The company ensures transportation and mounting of products at destination

Davic Mob s.r.l.
ROMANIA, Ramnicu Valcea, Tel/ Fax:0250 776 540
Mobile: 0720 202 707

Work site:
Pausesti Maglasi (Rm. Valcea-Olanesti Road), no. 245, Valcea County

Assistant manager: